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Cold snap continues to bite

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Snow seems to be the flavour of the month! Many love the fun it brings, enjoying sledging, snowball fights and other outdoor activities made possible by a good dusting of the white stuff.

Others aren’t quite so fond of the disruption it causes. Icy roads are making journeys more challenging. Homeowners are experiencing frozen pipes and burst boilers. Businesses are dealing with a reduced workforce and drop in productivity.

But the snow’s set to stay for a few more days yet as the UK continues to battle with a weather system that’s creating perfect conditions for yet more snow. So what can people do to make sure they cope as the weather continues to bite?

Here are a few top tips to help you deal with the big freeze…

  • Take care if clearing snow and ice from outside your home and on the pathway. Whilst you may think you’re doing your neighbours a favour, just remember that any snow you move that may injure someone else means you could face legal action.
  • Check your lagging! If your water pipes and tanks are properly insulated, both at home and at the office, it’s less likely they’ll freeze up. A short term investment will pay dividends in the long term, and may save you having to pay any potential insurance excess if you have to make a claim.
  • Keep your heating ticking over and use a thermostat. It’s often more cost effective to do this rather than to keep switching the system on or off before you leave the office for the day or disappear from home for a week’s holiday. Don’t increase the risk of burst water pipes in these zero degree temperatures for the sake of just a few pence!
  • Avoid leaving the engine running to thaw out the car while you continue to get ready for work. You’re an easy target for a car thief! Insurers won’t pay out for the loss in these circumstances so play it safe.
  • Check your motor insurance before leaving the house. That way you’ll be doubly sure you can make a claim if you have to abandon your vehicle due to bad weather. You’ll also know whether or not you’re covered for breakdown or roadside assistance via your motor insurance policies if your car fails to start.
  • Report any pot holes or damaged road surfaces to your local authority. Be aware that you may be able to claim compensation to cover the cost of any repairs to your car. That means you can avoid having to claim unnecessarily on your own insurance, which may bump up your excess. 

Use the cold snap as a reminder to develop your business continuity plans. Many firms simply don’t know how they will deal with disruption caused by adverse weather conditions – or indeed any other situation that stops it from being business as usual. Having a plan in place to cover potential scenarios can mean the difference between staying afloat and going under. Take time to consider the unexpected, and remember – a business continuity plan may reduce your insurances in the longer term, as providers can see evidence of risk being appropriately managed.

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