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Don’t fall foul to winter weather – plan ahead


We Brits love talking about the weather, and it’s rarely out of the media headlines. But on a serious note, we do seem to be experiencing more extreme weather, more frequently, in this country. The recent Storm Angus is a reminder that flash flooding and prolonged torrential downpours means we have to ensure greater protection for businesses and homes against what the weather throws at us.

Whether it’s one of your company cars or vans involved in a road accident due to hazardous driving conditions, or your property gets flooded, it’s good to know you have peace of mind with the right cover.

Although homeowners in flood risk areas have been able to get insurance cover since April this year under the government’s FloodRe scheme, this is not yet available to businesses.

Despite this, recent months have seen some positive developments – the Association for British Insurers (ABI) has produced a Guide to Resistant & Resilient Repair after a flood as part of advisory services set up after last year’s floods. Also, the new Property Flood Resilience Action Plan explores the role of building regulations and certification for businesses, by encouraging use of flood resistant construction methods.

The insurance sector is still working with the government to find a suitable flood risk insurance solution for businesses and while it may take time, there are insurance solutions which can provide essential cover.

Don’t forget these darker winter nights also mean homes and businesses can be very attractive to opportunistic burglars. The level of theft increases by a worrying 20% throughout November and December.

There are some easy steps to protect your assets such as having good security and CCTV systems, as well as being extra vigilant.

Having the correct cover is vital to protect both your home and livelihood. Please get in touch if you want to find out more.

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