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Interview with Matt Derbyshire

An Interview with Matt Derbyshire

Nottingham Forest’s Matt Derbyshire is sponsored for the 2011-12 season by heritage insurance firm Russell Scanlan, one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers and risk managers. The company is based in the City and reaches a landmark 130th year in 2012. Russell Scanlan is committed to supporting local businesses and sporting stars, and Development Director Mike Dickinson recently met up with Matt to have a chat about his football career to date.

  1. So how did you get into football? – “Believe it or not, I didn’t actually kick football until the age of 12!!! So I was a bit of a late starter. We moved house at the time and there was a pitch opposite, so I used to watch the other lads have a kick around from my bedroom window before eventually joining in. That’s where it all started, and where I could be found every Saturday since!”
  2. What’s the best ground you’ve ever played at and why? – “I love Ewood Park, Blackburn’s home ground, which isn’t surprising as a former member of the Rovers squad! Old Trafford has to be up there as a favourite too. I’ve played there twice, and both times scored against Manchester United – so that’s probably why it stands out. And of course I have to say The City Ground, there’s no place like home and all of that!”
  3. Who’s the toughest defender you’ve been up against? – “It’s got to be Rio Ferdinand about two or three years ago, when he was in his prime. He’s a bit of a daunting defender for a striker like me to be up against, but I think I kept my nerve!”
  4. And the toughest team? – “Probably Liverpool – they’re pretty awesome!”
  5. What’s your best experience of playing for England in the Under 21’s? – “I was lucky enough to be part of the squad that stepped out on the pitch for the first ever game at the new Wembley stadium. It was an amazing moment and a real career highlight!
  6. How do you feel about and deal with season setbacks, such as getting ill? – “The only way is determination and to get out and train everyday. I try and stay positive and focused, and believe that’s what’s needed to get back to top form.”
  7. What tip would you give to a young footballer to help them improve their game? – “Always listen to the advice of those around you. Make sure you get a manager who knows his stuff, and give your all back. Take on board what he says, work hard on your weaknesses in the game, and even harder on what you’re really good at.”
  8. How do you fare in other sports? – “I enjoy playing a round of golf every now and then, and find it’s a good way to get away from any pressure and relax. I’ve not got a bad swing, but will definitely be sticking to being a striker!”

Find out more about Matt Derbyshire on Nottingham Forest’s website.

Matt Derbyshire Interview

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