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MIB/MID/DVLA – What you need to know…

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Caroline Bramhall, Training and Competence Manager, plays an important role in staff development at the business, and is key in raising awareness of industry developments. Here she takes a look at the impact of the Motor Insurer’s Bureau clamping down on uninsured vehicles and what this could mean for Russell Scanlan clients, particularly those requiring commercial fleet insurance.

We recently welcomed the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB), an organisation at the heart of the fight against uninsured driving, to our Nottingham office. We were updated with the latest facts and figures, legislation and legal movements relating to proof of vehicle insurance, personal and commercial. The MIB’s aim is to significantly reduce the level and impact of uninsured driving in the UK and to provide first class data asset management and specialist claims services.

The Motor Insurance Database (MID), set up and maintained by the MIB, holds a record of every vehicle insured in the UK. It contains details of 800,000 commercial policies and details on 6.1 million commercial vehicles. Used by both the DVLA and the police to enforce motor insurance law, the MID links directly to the Police National Computer and Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras.

The key point is that police no longer accept Certificates of Motor Insurance as evidence of insurance. If a vehicle is not on the MID, it gives them “reasonable grounds” to think the vehicle is not insured and they can seize the vehicle on the spot. The aim is to significantly reduce the level and impact of uninsured and incorrectly insured drivers in the UK.

Every insurance underwriting company that deals with motor insurance is obliged, by the Road Traffic Act 1988, to be a member of the MIB. At Russell Scanlan we often register our clients on the MID at their request, so it’s vital that we are provided with the correct/latest information. If there are any changes to vehicles, or personnel then you should speak with us immediately.

This is directly relevant to many of our commercial fleet clients, but also important to note that these procedures apply to every roadworthy vehicle. We actively encourage commercial policyholders to submit to the MID and check that the data is accurate.

The motor insurance industry is doing what it can to combat uninsured driving; right now the total cost of uninsured motoring in the UK is £400m, with the average cost for honest motorists at £30 per year. Legally, there is now no obligation to carry insurance documents, it is not essential. Registering correct details on the MID is however!

One reason why the certificate is now no longer accepted is that scammers can easily take out vehicle insurance, receive the relevant documents and then cancel the insurance. The authorities are taking this very seriously so don’t be caught up in the clamping down of scammers!

The charge made for a seized vehicle is £170 + £20 a day storage until you can prove to the police the vehicle is now on the MID showing correct cover / reg. no etc. After 14 days they can legally sell or crush the vehicle if evidence isn’t produced.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is now no longer 7 days to produce documents at your local police station.

As previously mentioned, we can’t stress enough how important it is to get every piece of information correct, as police can check all policy details, drivers, use, cover, even driving other cars extensions. If they have any concerns, this is considered “reasonable grounds” and they can seize a vehicle until such time as they are satisfied (or not). It’s important to declare everything and make sure insurance information is watertight.

So, to conclude the MID is top dog and at the end of the day, if you get stopped, what the MID does or doesn’t tell the police will dictate the course of action they take. The MIB is doing what it can for the industry, communicating the perils and consequences. It’s important for us to then communicate those over to our clients.

You can check the MID for free at: www.askmid.com.

If you have any questions and how it might affect business, please feel free to give us a call – 0115 947 0032.

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