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One in 200 Drivers caught without Motor Insurance


Driving without Insurance, Think again, it is noted that 1 in 200 are caught driving uninsured. This reveals approximately 226,803 drivers have points on their license for driving without Insurance.

The report requested by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) carried out under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, outlined a range of fascinating statistics in relation to uninsured drivers.

  • 0.44% of Provisional licence holders have been caught for this offence.
  • In the age group 17-35, 1 in every 100 with a full driving licence has points for driving without insurance.
  • Drivers over 65 were least likely to have points on their licence for driving without insurance (0.06%, or 3,867 people). 
  • Men Are most likely to commit this offence

Pat Towers, Private Client Development Executive from Russell Scanlan, commented:

“On the face of it there figures are shocking. It’s law abiding motorists who are picking up the financial burden created by those irresponsible individuals who drive whilst uninsured. Research suggests that honest motorists are paying £30 per year in higher motor insurance premiums.”

“Driving without insurance is not a victimless crime. Innocent motorists involved in motor accidents with uninsured drivers often face lengthy delays in getting their claims settled.”

“People are committing a criminal offence which can start a vicious cycle because insurance premiums rise dramatically after a driver is caught without a policy – making it less likely that the individual can afford insurance in the future.”

“The most concerning fact is that this could just be the tip of the iceberg, as these numbers only represent those who have been caught and penalised. Insurance fraud and uninsured driving are also growing problems that need to be tackled through a coordinated approach from enforcement authorities. It is not acceptable that drivers pay up to £30 in higher premiums to compensate for those who ignore the law. Penalties which could act as a deterrent should be reviewed and made more punative.”

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