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Russell Scanlan and the Business of Risk


Russell Scanlan is Nottingham’s largest independent Insurance Broker and Risk Managers, based in Nottingham since 1881. The business has built a reputation on serving the small business and corporate community in the East Midlands and for developing specialist insurance products for niche industry sectors. 

Russell Scanlan is one of those rare heritage brands that has used innovation and nimble tactics to secure uninterrupted business growth even during the past few years of poor economic trading. Over the last decade, Directors of the firm have been quick to spot recession proof sectors and developed insurance  products bespoke to those industries. It was smart business tactics that fitted the ethos of a firm entrenched in the camp of quality customer service rather than quantity of business. A proven track record has seen one of Nottingham’s very few supercentenarian businesses thrive in a difficult market.

Mike Dickinson is Sales & Marketing Director at Russell Scanlan. He believes that understanding the extent of the insurance risk facing small and growing enterprises can be a daunting hurdle to many but finding the right independent insurance broker can be a vital step in securing the future of any venture.“Informed advice is essential – a good broker will take you through the cover that you need and be able to review a range of insurers to look for the best policy. Don’t be shy about asking questions of your broker – they are experts in their field so you don’t have to be.  They should look first at statutory legal covers such as Employers Liability and Motor, however Property and Contents, Business Interruption, Public and Product Liability are as important. Depending on your specific business, you may need to consider additional cover options to fully protect your business.  These options could include Cyber Liability and Crime to Loss of Money and Goods in Transit.

“The growing number of off-the-shelf packages and online deals can appear tempting (usually on the basis of cost) but be aware – these options will not be tailored to an individual business and can include exclusions that are difficult to spot. Take time to discuss anticipated growth, maybe in terms of buying machinery, increasing stock levels or profit. In short, trust an independent insurance professional to craft a sturdy bespoke policy that offers reliable and comprehensive protection.”

Independent status also allows Russell Scanlan to explore new sector territory rather than fall in with the usual crowd. The business has built a national reputation for serving very specialist sectors and is thriving as a result.

Masterbrew is just an example of how responsive a business it is. This tailored insurance product has been created solely for the burgeoning micro brewery and craft beer sector and has proved to be a winning formula with both brewers and pub operators. The product was researched and launched to the market in 2006, long before the swing to real ale was seen as significant and on the rise.

CAMRA’s The Good Beer Guide 2015 now reports that there are close to 1300 breweries now operating in Britain, the largest number since the 1930s and 1940s, and growing by over 10% a year. But for these small businesses focussing on producing cask-conditioned real ales there was a need for business insurance that was bespoke and cost efficient.

Russell Scanlan created an insurance product for the sector complete with unique and specific industry extensions and far from the ‘off-the-shelf’ quick fix insurance model. The product even extends liability cover to include beer festivals and farmer’s markets. And the business is now an associate member of The Society of Independent Brewers to make sure that they stay close to the issues facing these small and innovative ventures.

Russell Scanlan has offices in Nottingham and Leicester, and has a wide-reaching and loyal customer base across the country. The firm specialises in corporate, small business, private clients and specialist insurance. For further information, visit www.russellscanlan.com.

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