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Preventing Insurance Nightmares Before Christmas

Russell Scanlan has signed a lifelong contract with Santa Claus, of Santa’s Grotto, North Pole, to provide commercial insurance for Santa and his elves. With more than 500 million children across the world needing presents on Christmas Day, Russell Scanlan’s expertise with commercial clients will ensure Santa’s transport, logistics and Elf employees are all protected from every possible risk.

‘Twas a few days before Christmas and Santa was gearing up for his busiest time of the year. His company, Santa’s Grotto, employs over 300 elves, has a fleet of 9 reindeer to drive his sleigh, and a stock inventory of more than 2 billion toys for delivery on Christmas Eve. Due to the pressure facing Santa and his elves during the festive season, Russell Scanlan has stepped in to provide the necessary insurance guidance, including advice on Grinch Hackers, extreme weather fleet protection, and elf liability.

Bryan Banbury, Managing Director of Russell Scanlan said: “According to Santa’s Grotto Ltd, Santa Claus receives over 32,000 emails from children everyday requesting their wants and wishes for the Christmas season. This makes Santa the world’s largest keeper of children’s private data. If then, Santa was to fall victim to a cyber-breach, this could result in a snowball of financial and reputational repercussions, with Santa needing to fund legal and IT forensics teams, offer gestures to mitigate permanent reputational damage, as well as footing costs for Workshop interruption.

“As experts in commercial risk, we were honored to be asked by The Man Himself for an insurance policy to keep Santa and his elves safe against data breaches. With a lot of data at stake, and heavy consequences should an attack occur, the safety and integrity of the Grotto is imperative to continuing to spread festive merriment.”

‘Elf and Safety Insurance

With nearly 143 years’ operating across industries including construction, commercial property, brewing & distilling, healthcare, aircrew, venues and private clients, Russell Scanlan has also provided Santa Claus with bespoke ‘Elf and Safety Insurance Package, which covers Elf Liability and Employee Health.

Santa Claus, Founder and CEO of Santa’s Grotto, said: “It’s no secret that elves are amongst the clumsiest of all beings and accidents can happen at any time. Russell Scanlan was able to undertake a full review of my organisation, ensuring all risks were adequately evaluated and protected against personal injury or property damage that might result from the workshop’s regular activities or any accidents. The company also advised on the correct policy needed to protect my workshop from the cold nip of the Arctic weather extremes.

“Furthermore, Russell Scanlan is one of a select number of UK-based insurance brokers with exclusive access to Equipsme – a smart and cost-effective way of providing my elves with practical, high-quality health and wellbeing support. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without my elves, so it’s imperative that I can support them as best I can.”

Drivin’ Home for Christmas Cover

As a niche business which relies heavily on its fleet of sleighs and reindeer, Santa was finding the search for insurance cover quite challenging. Under Russell Scanlan’s analysis and risk assessments, Santa was able to secure a commercial fleet policy ensuring he was covered in the event of chimney collisions and damage due to extreme weather.

It is, well and truly, the most wonderful time of the year. However, having the correct commercial insurance package must still be considered for those who don’t wish to suffer from the un-Merriest of mishaps. For more information on how we can help with your festive needs, click to contact us today.

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