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Russell Scanlan Values Charity at Antiques Event

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Russell Scanlan hosted its first ever antiques valuation event in partnership with the Nottingham branch of Handelsbanken.

Clients and partners came along with a range of personal treasures from both the attic and the display cabinets for inspection and valuation. Items were assessed and valued by jewellery and antique specialists for a small donation to raise money for a local charity. Connie Burbidge, Marketing Manager at Russell Scanlan was on hand to report on the evening.The event was held at Trent Bridge on a beautiful summer’s evening with a backdrop of the stunning cricket ground and over 60 guests eager to know more about their prized possessions. This is the first time Russell Scanlan has hosted this type of occasion, but we’re always on the lookout for new and unusual ideas to raise money for charity and involve our clients and our partners in the fun. Guests were treated to a drinks reception with delicious canapés, with the majority bringing in a selection of interesting and quirky items to be valued.

Items were valued by Michael Mays, a Chartered Arts & Antiques Surveyor at Pall Mall, who has been involved in assessing antiques and offering advice on the fine arts for over twenty-five years. Alongside Michael, Sue Davies-Lloyd was also on hand to help review a range of prized possessions. As a senior silver and jewellery valuer at Pall Mall, Sue has been an expert on silver and jewellery for over thirty years and has spent over two decades as a practicing auctioneer and valuer.
It proved to be a fascinating evening with some real hidden gems unearthed. Although we didn’t uncover any undiscovered Picasso or Rembrandt paintings, we did find some intriguing and valuable items. Anne Wells of Russell Scanlan employee had her Pendant Necklace valued at a whopping £6,000 while a striking Art Deco bronze, entitled Leaving for the Crusades, one of the heaviest items ever to grace our valuers’ tables, had one of the heftiest price tags too. In contrast a very manageable and attractive ‘brass monkey’, cast as a single piece, was declared to be made in Tokyo during the Meji period (that’s to say the second half of the 19th century) and with an equally attractive and not insignificant value!

Martyn Barret, from Barrett Corp & Harrington, was also on hand to share his expert knowledge of buildings insurance valuations. He gave a unique perspective into the valuation of buildings for insurance purposes, especially in respect of listed and historic buildings, where there might well be a Ming Vase hidden!

Our thanks to our friends and partners at Handelsbanken for co-organising our Antiques special and to all our guests who contributed very generously for our charities. £500 raised so far and climbing!

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